Submit Your Lesson or Resource

Thank you for considering submitting your lesson plan to the Curriculum Center! Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed throughout the year.

To submit your lesson, use our Microsoft form.

If you have any questions throughout the process, feel free to email the Instruction Coordinator, David Lemmons, at

Evaluation Process

Submissions are considered by the Instruction Coordinator, David Lemmons. Submissions are evaluated for their completeness and whether they meet the criteria outlined below based on the type of submission (i.e., lesson plan or stand-alone resource). For submissions that feature David as a creator or co-creator, the Teaching & Learning Team Lead (Maoria Kirker) evaluates the submissions.

Lesson Plans

Successful lessson plan submissions to the Curriculum Center include: 

  • A one-paragraph description of the lesson.
  • Full lesson outline, including: 
    • Any PowerPoint slides, along with notes 
    • Timing for all activities and the presentation 
    • Handouts and materials for activities 
    • Anything else someone would need to teach the lesson 
  • For lessons delivered in class, a list of courses where the lesson has been delivered. 
  • For lessons delivered outside of a class setting, a list of the settings/populations where the lesson has been delivered. 
  • List of learning outcomes for the lesson. Learning outcomes do not have to follow a certain set of criteria, but must be present within the plan. Examples:
    • Students will be able to use Academic Search Complete to locate materials for their projects.
    • Students reflect on how their identities and beliefs affect their interpretation of information.
    • Students feel comfortable reaching out to a librarian for help.
  • An active learning component. Examples:
    • A think-pair-share.
    • Asking students to volunteer their own topics to demonstrate in a database.
    • Having students search on their own.
  • An assessment of student learning. This may be formal or informal. Examples:
    • A minute paper at the end of a session asking students to identify something they learned.
    • A pre- and post-test, where you ask students to answer questions about searching both before and after your instruction.
    • An informal assessment where you talk with your students about what you've gone over so far and identify areas you might need to reinforce.


Successful resource submissions to the Curriculum Center include:

  • The resource 

  • A description of the resource